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Introducing the latest innovation from Jilin Haila Tool Co., Ltd. - our range of battery-operated pipe tools! These cutting-edge tools are designed to revolutionize the way you work - providing unparalleled mobility and efficiency in your pipe cutting and threading processes.

Our battery-operated pipe tools boast a powerful motor that ensures precision and accuracy, while also minimizing the risk of operator fatigue. With a single charge, you can power through hours of demanding work, making these tools an indispensable addition to any professional toolkit.

Whether you're working on a construction site, in a plumbing workshop, or performing maintenance tasks in a commercial or industrial facility, Jilin Haila Tool Co., Ltd. has the perfect battery-operated pipe tool for you. Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of corded tools and embrace the freedom and flexibility of our battery-operated range!

Jilin Haila Tool Co., Ltd.

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Medical Devices Ortopedic Drill German Motor 14.4V Battery Operated Power Tools for Hip Replacement Surgery

Looking for top-notch medical devices for hip replacement surgery? Look no further than our factory! Our German motor 14.4V battery-operated orthopedic drill power tools are sure to meet your needs. Trust our quality and experience to get the job done right.

Battery Operated Security Video Pipe Inspection Camera (V8-3188DK)

Our factory produces the Battery Operated Security Video Pipe Inspection Camera (V8-3188DK) – a high-quality, portable tool for inspecting pipes and detecting security threats.

Battery Operated Wireless Sewer Pipe Chimney Inspection Camera (V10-3188DT)

Our Battery Operated Wireless Sewer Pipe Chimney Inspection Camera (V10-3188DT) ensures hassle-free and efficient inspection. As a factory, we deliver high-quality products that meet your needs.

Pipe tools pipe wrench type pipe

Looking for high-quality pipe wrenches? Look no further than our factory! Our pipe tools are durable, reliable, and built to last. Shop now!

Safe Driving Operated Battery Operated Track Carriage for Material Handling

Looking for a safe and efficient way to transport materials? Our battery-operated track carriage is the perfect solution! As a factory, we focus on quality and reliability. Get yours today!

Music game machine operated with battery operated hegemony hegemony fun game machine

Introducing the battery-operated Music game machine - the ultimate fun game machine! As a factory, we ensure quality, durability, and innovative features. Get ready for endless entertainment with Hegemony Hegemony. Order now! #MusicGameMachine #BatteryOperated #FactoryDirect

Children's battery-operated bumper cars ride coin-operated rides for sale

Looking for children's battery-operated bumper cars and coin-operated rides for sale? Look no further! We are a factory specializing in these exciting rides. Choose from a variety of options to provide entertainment for all ages.

18650 12V 33.8ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack Lithium Ion Battery Pack for E-Tools Battery

As a factory, we produce the {18650 12V 33.8ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack Lithium Ion Battery Pack for E-Tools Battery}. Our high-quality batteries ensure reliable and efficient power for your electronic tools. Order now!

18V Battery Pack for Worx Power Tools Battery Lithium Battery

Looking for a reliable 18V lithium battery pack for Worx power tools? Look no further than our factory-made battery pack, designed for long-lasting and powerful performance.

Easy Operated Hand Tube Bender, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine/Pipe Bender

Looking for a reliable and easy-operated hand tube bender or hydraulic pipe bending machine? Look no further than our factory! We manufacture high-quality tube and pipe benders to assist with your metalworking needs. Order now to experience our top-notch products at the best prices.

18650 12V Lithium Battery Pack E-Tools Battery E-Bike Battery

We are a factory specialized in manufacturing high-quality 18650 12V Lithium Battery Packs for E-Tools and E-Bikes. Our batteries are long-lasting and reliable. Order yours today!

7.4V 5600mAh Lithium Battery Pack LiFePO4 Battery for E-Tools Battery

We are a factory producing high-quality 7.4V 5600mAh Lithium Battery Packs made from LiFePO4 batteries for e-tools. Our batteries are reliable and long-lasting, ensuring your tools are always powered up.

18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 12V 22.4ah LiFePO4 Battery for E-Tools Battery

Our factory produces 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 12V 22.4ah LiFePO4 Battery for E-Tools Battery. Durable, reliable, and long-lasting, our batteries are a top-quality choice for all of your electronic tool needs.

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Introducing the latest innovation in pipe tools - our line of battery-operated pipe tools! Designed to provide enhanced performance and convenience for plumbing professionals and DIY enthusiasts, these tools are engineered to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease.

Our battery-operated pipe tools are equipped with high-performance motors and powerful lithium-ion batteries, enabling them to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. They are also ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue, making them the perfect choice for demanding tasks that require prolonged use.

Our tools feature intuitive, easy-to-use controls, allowing users to switch between operations quickly and effortlessly. Whether you are cutting, threading, or grooving pipes, our tools deliver precise results every time. Plus, they come with a range of cutting-edge features, such as automatic shutdown, overheating protection, and low battery indicators, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

So, if you are looking for high-quality, reliable, and convenient pipe tools that won't let you down, look no further than our battery-operated pipe tools. Whether you are a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, our tools are designed to help you get the job done faster, easier, and with greater precision. So why wait? Invest in our battery-operated pipe tools today and experience the difference for yourself!

Love my battery-operated pipe tools! They make my job so much easier and faster. Highly recommend for any plumber or DIY enthusiast." #productreview #handytools #efficiency

Ms. Nancy Wong

Efficient and Portable Battery-Operated Pipe Tools. Perfect for on-the-go plumbing and maintenance needs. Highly recommended for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Ms. Ruo La

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